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kate robinson beckwith

is an intermedia artist, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA.
Her work seeks to ask questions about the structures in which we
construct our identities and the way these structures come to bear
upon our physical bodies, as well as our perceptions of the world
around us. Kate started as a thinker and writer whose material
obsessions eventually led her to the letterpress studio where she
could take a heady engagement with words into the physical
realm. The processes involved with manifesting a printed work
have become a deep and abiding fascination that touches on
the relationship of bodies to the state, self-representation,
capitalism, and labor.

notable positions

Publisher, Dogpark, 2018
Curator, Sponge, 2017-present
Publisher, Manifest Press, 2010-present
Co-founder and Lead Performer, The Third Thing, 2014-2018
Collections Associate, Letterform Archive, 2014-2016
Mills College Book Art Teaching Fellow, 2014
Co-founder and Curator of Manifest Reading Series, 2011-2014

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